Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Kinda Behind...

Argh!! As I've mentioned in the previous post, I'm organizing a little craft fair/party for this Sunday in my backyard. There's still so much to be done! Thankfully, I have these two days off and was able to go down my checklist and finish some stuff for both the party and my shop.

One of the things I'm really happy about accomplishing today was getting some business cards printed. I can't believe that my shop has been opened for seven months and I still haven't gotten it together and make some business cards! Since I don't have enough time to get them professionally printed (by Sunday), I bought some DIY business card paper from Avery, used their online template program, and finally printed a stack.

I was always wary of homemade business cards for fear that they don't look clean and professional, but I got the Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards paper from Avery and they actually look pretty good! :) Their online program doesn't provide a lot of fonts, so I designed it first in Photohop, then imported it onto the template. Works great! No downloads, and you can save your finish product as a PDF file.

Probably not the cheapest way to go, but it works for now! :)


  1. I really do love the look of them. Are the Avery cards thick?

  2. The cards are not terribly thick and not too thin, they actually feel like a regular business card. I recommend it if you're in a time crunch like me! :)

  3. nice! Good job I actually brought the same Avery products too. I haven't done no quotes yet myself. I am hoping too soon to sell. I use photoshop to design my bookmarks as well. after words i bring them into Microsoft word as line up then save as pdf. And print on high glossy paper. But I hoping to find this magazine paper spoken of that i can print on both sides. contact me anytime at