Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yay! Sunshine!

Finally! A little sunshine this early afternoon! It was getting a little depressing being grey here everyday. Sometimes I forget how much more motivated I can get when I get some sun! Today, I made three new tags for my shop, caught up on some chores around the house, cooked a couple of meals...all before I have to go off to work at 5pm!

My cat, Odin, was very excited about the sun coming through the windows too! He kept finding the warmest sun spots in the house and took very epic and comfy-looking naps. In fact, he's been in the same spot now for the last four hours!


  1. i know! i love him so much! don't be fool by that photo tho, he's humongous! if he stretches out, he's 3 ft tall from paw to back paw!

  2. WoW!! He is only 2 ft shorter than me!