Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun Projects Ahead!

Even though the season is pretty slow for me at my Etsy shop, I was recently offered a few wonderful opportunities (hopefully!) to sell my goods. It is an amazing feeling, especially after I slave away at the restaurant five days a week, coming home knowing that this is my time to creative beautiful things for people, and that people like it! It's incredible! :)

I would like to share with you here a couple of these projects I'm working on. My very talented cousin, Sabrina, operates her own cookie business with her husband in Los Angeles called Sabrina's Sweetery, and she makes the most beautiful, gourmet, and tasty cookies! Recently, she has enlisted me to design some special bridesmaid cards to accompany her bridesmaid cookies to be display at a bridal show! It's wonderful for me to have the opportunity to work with a talented baker and family!

Another project I'm also participating in is being one of the sponsors for an online digital (scrapbook) layout competition for the months of Feb to Apr. They will be using my tags and others' to create their layout challenges. Sounds really fun! Prior to this, I didn't even know what digital stamps were! :) For those of you who enjoy scrapbooking, or just want to check it out: www.sewmanylayouts.com, and this is Sarabeth's blog (the nice woman that invited me!): www.scraphappie.blogspot.com.

Read on if you want to see a sneak peek of the bridesmaid cards!

This is Stephanie...(yes, I named them...)

...and Billie...

...and Betty...

...this is just a tease! :) Shall I put these in my shop?


  1. Those sound like great projects, I like your bridesmaid cards they will go great with your cousin’s cookies, you should defiantly put them in your shop. I really like your style, good luck with all your new projects!

  2. Thanks! I'm quite excited. The bridal show is today, I hope she does well!