Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Treasury, Two Treasury...

I woke up this morning with two wonderful surprises waiting for me! A couple of my tags are currently featured in two treasuries! I always think it's amazing when other people actually find my items in this humongous haystack that is Etsy.

The first one has a XO theme in black and red and is curated by Monical. Please check out the whimsical treasury here!

The second one is curated by TBead with a very dramatic black and white theme. Check out her beautiful treasury here before it expires on late Friday night!

Last, but not least, is a treasury I created when I had a little down time last night. It's called the "Softness of Spring", please take a look at my treasury here!

One little note before I go, I will no longer be posting screenshots of the treasuries here. I do think that they make my blog prettier, but I would rather post the links to the actual treasury so comments can be left for the curators and the selected sellers.

So...on that note...please leave comments and support your fellow Etsy peoples!

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