Monday, October 5, 2009

After I opened my shop, foxes and robbers, on etsy in sept, I was really worried about how others would view my work. I have always done art and design things in little ways here and there my whole life, but to actually put it out there for the world to see, critique, and try to sell them on top of scary. Now that it has been 3 weeks, I'm happy to say that everything is going better than I expected. So far, I have received many positive comments, advice, and encouragements from other sellers in the forum, and I've made 2 sales! Gotta start somewhere, right?

If anybody happen to stumble across this blog today, I'll be posting more items in my shop,, the next couple of days...

Anyway, I would like to thank everybody who checked out my shop, hearted me or my items, and even bought from me! It is a great pleasure to be able to share my love and vision with people who finds my creations as special as I do.

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