Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Been a Loooong Time...

This last year and a half kinda flew by! With work and life, and mainly work, I haven't had enough hours in a day to achieve all the things I'd love to do. Hopefully, with the new year, I'll be able to prioritize my work and life a little better.

Anyway, I was recently invited to participate in a holiday craft show at a local senior community. It was a wonderful experience, being able to provide a festive atmosphere and to bring art into the lives of the residence. I was also very fortunate to meet a few very talented artists and makers! One of them is Min from Bottle Of Clouds. In addtition to the beautifully sewn wallets in her Etsy shop, she also creates the most whimsical and beautiful rings and hair accessories! Please check out her wonderful little shop:

Since this is my first craft show and I had major time constraints, I had to get pretty creative with my table display. Take a look at the following pictures of the show and take a guess at what my greeting card display is made of? :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow!!
    Thanks for the posting and I love your blog sooo~much! You have really a good sense of spot of the scene.

    I remember you took these photos with your phone, and they don't look like you simply used your phone.
    They look really wonderful with just the right feeling!

    I feel very fortunate to have met such a talented artist!

    Go vintage!! Go stamping!!